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Meet Kelly Range

Meet Kelly Range

Here at MIIS Weight Loss Institute we pride ourselves on quality care that is provided by the best specialists in a broad range of fields. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to Kelly Range, a critical team member of our Weight Loss Institute.

Technically, Kelly is our Nurse Practitioner, but her role with MIIS Weight Loss Institute goes far beyond that. Kelly pairs her medical background with her compassionate heart to act as a coach and warm hearts for our patients. Kelly provides education and support to both bariatric patients and their families who are by their side throughout their journey, and her favorite part of nursing is helping patients reach their goals and celebrating together.

Kelly was born and raised right here in St. Petersburg, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University and completed her Master of Science as a Nurse Practitioner from the University of South Florida. Kelly worked with Dr. Huguet in the ICU and the surgical recovery unit for several years prior to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Kelly strongly believes that a holistic multidisciplinary approach to weight loss that with individualized care for each patient is the key to success. She knows that treatment doesn’t stop in the operating room, and that sometimes the thing you need the most is a coach to help motivate and inspire you. She is the friendly face that will greet you and answer any and all questions before your bariatric surgery, and also sees patients going through our Medical Weight Loss Program. 

What is our Medical Weight Loss Program? 

At MIIS Weight Loss Institute, we know that there are many reasons that one of our patients may need to lose weight. Whether you are trying to drop a few sizes before a wedding or family reunion, you want to eliminate dangerous comorbidities, or you are gearing up for bariatric surgery with us, we are ready and able to assist you throughout your weight loss journey.   We educate and assist patients with lifestyle modifications that support long term weight loss. The advantage of our medical weight loss program is that it is developed by leading industry professionals in health and medicine, so you will be able to lose the weight and actually keep it off. 

Kelly is a key component of our Medical Weight Loss Program. As a Nurse Practitioner, she is able to create an individualized and personal plan for each patient, that is based on their medical conditions, body type and ability. Patients in our program can even walk through our in-house retail store that’s coming soon, with Kelly by their side to help them select their favorite flavors of meal bars, shakes and other nutritious foods to add to their meal plan and help them stay on track. 

There are many reasons why MIIS Weight Loss Institute is a premier center for weight loss – Our talented team and comprehensive approach truly separate us from competitors in the field. Contemplating starting your weight loss journey but not ready to do it on your own? We have plenty of support waiting to begin alongside you. Give us a call today at (727) 821-8101. 

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