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Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Some patients are candidates for a revisional bariatric surgery

Revision & Conversion Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is the most effective long-term solution for obesity currently available to patients who cannot lose weight through a lifestyle change alone. However, as effective as the surgery may be, there are instances where patients do not lose enough weight or regain weight after years of successful maintenance. Most often, this results from the liberalization of diet and exercise habits. It stands to reason that after years of successful weight loss, patients may not be as vigilant about what they consume or how much they exercise. On occasion, the bariatric procedure itself may fail. This is far more common with the gastric band or Lap-Band than with stapled surgical procedures like the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. With that said, any bariatric procedure can be converted or revised.

The Process Toward Revision

We do not take a revision or conversion bariatric surgery lightly. A second surgery not only represents another trauma to the body but also presents certain complexities associated with scar tissue from previous abdominal surgeries. Significant scar tissue within the abdomen can increase the risk and likelihood of needing an open procedure to complete the revision or conversion.

The surgeons at MIIS are very experienced in revision and conversion bariatric surgery, considering it one of their several specializations.

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“The entire team at MIIS Weight Loss has been phenomenal. I am so thrilled to have my life back. I’ve lost 70 lbs in a little less than 5 months”. – Alisa Rayl

“Dr. Huguet and his team are wonderful! In the beginning, I was very nervous about expenses and going through the process of surgery, but with the organized help of Hannah and Gretchen, I know I am in good hands”. – Patricia Barry

“I had the Gastric bypass and feel great! The staff is great, and I am so grateful for a new lifestyle. I am very satisfied with my results”. – Rebecca Mercado

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