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Hannah’s Favorite Meals and Snacks After Weight Loss Surgery

As the Retail Manager & Bariatric Marketing Director here at MIIS Weight Loss Institute and weight loss surgery patient myself, I’m often asked about the best things to eat following weight loss surgery. So, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite meals and snacks after bariatric surgery.

I’m going to focus on the pureed meals, soft food meals and the regular bariatric meals that you eat following surgery. Many people get stuck in a rut after surgery, thinking “What do I eat for these different phases?”  It is quite simple (and delicious).

As an additional resource, we have a Pinterest board we have created.  Also, if you are in our private MIIS Weight Loss Institute Facebook group, you’ll be able to see recipes and recommendations there.

For the pureed food stage, my favorite recipe is the Ricotta Bake which is very easy to make. You simply use part-skim ricotta with some low-carb marinara sprinkled with some low-fat cheese on top and bake it for about 20 minutes at 375 degrees. Using little ramekin dishes will make portion control easy too. In the pureed stage, the Ricotta Bake is definitely my favorite. Another option would be to add a little unflavored protein to it to boost the protein level since when your stomach is so tiny you won’t be able to eat a regular portion. Sprinkling in the unflavored protein will really give you a boost.

In the soft food stage, Chicken Salad is a great choice using the low-fat mayonnaise or non-fat Greek yogurt that has the lower fat option and more protein. This mixture should be pulverized in your blender or food processor and portioned into little 2-ounce containers to grab and go. These small resealable containers are available on Amazon or almost any kitchen store. I find the 2-ounce containers to be perfect for placing all your prepared foods in.  Store them in your refrigerator so you can grab one on your way out the door.

When it comes to solid foods or your regular bariatric diet that you will continue to follow for life, always focus on your protein intake first. By the time you finish your protein, you’ll probably have just a little bit of room for your vegetables. There is usually no room left for starches (carbohydrates) and we recommend you stay away from them.

A typical bariatric meal for me is a 4-ounce piece of chicken with an ounce of broccoli. I am 2 years out from surgery so your ounces will change as you progress further from surgery. I usually like to stick with a lean protein along with a green vegetable like broccoli or asparagus.  Keeping a stash of frozen vegetables is really helpful because when you’re busy or in a pinch, you can grab that.  I do like to mix up my choices for variety. Eggroll in a Bowl is another one of my favorites that uses just a few ingredients.  Check them all out on our Pinterest page.   You will also find a delicious Zucchini Beef recipe as well that you can substitute in lean ground turkey if you prefer along with many other fun recipes for all phases after surgery.  We add recipes frequently for you to enjoy.  Finally, if you have your own favorite recipe, be sure to share it with us!

Eating after weight loss surgery can be simple and satisfying.  We guide you every step of the way and as a weight loss surgery patient myself, I understand what it is like.  This has been a wonderful lifestyle change for me and I am here to support you too!  Reach out to us if you need more information.