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Tips for Bariatric Patients Traveling This Summer

June 5, 2023

You’ve probably seen the throngs of people flocking to far-flung destinations and getting their full complement of Instagram-worthy pictures. Travel […]

What Is Metabolic Adaptability and Why Is It So Hard to Lose Weight?

April 11, 2023

The concept of metabolic adaptation is relatively new and replaces previous theories about set points. Ultimately, as we’ve learned more […]

Is There Benefit to Drinking Higher-pH (Alkaline) Water After Bariatric Surgery?

March 29, 2023

In our quest to lose weight rapidly and safely, patients are well served to use their inherent curiosity in finding […]

Journaling After Bariatric Surgery

December 22, 2022

With all the motivational tips, tricks, and mantras, sometimes the simplest and most traditional things keep us motivated and remind […]

New Bariatric Surgery Guidance from ASMBS and IFSO

December 8, 2022

One of the first things you learn when researching bariatric surgery is qualification criteria via the body mass index or […]

Can Weight Loss Surgery Reverse My Type 2 Diabetes?

May 5, 2022

Many people are surprised that, on average, 75-80% of our type 2 diabetic patients are off their diabetic medications within two weeks […]

Do Weight Loss Pills Really Work? And Are They Worth It?

December 14, 2021

Just about every one of us go through the weight loss process in a stepwise approach. We begin with diet […]

How Can The MIIS Weight Loss Institute Jump Start Program Help Me?

October 14, 2021

At MIIS Weight Loss Institute, we have the honor of working closely with many patients who desire medical or surgical […]

Who Might Benefit Our 21 Day Medical Weight Loss Program?

October 4, 2021

MIIS Weight Loss Institute is excited to announce 21 Day Medical Weight Loss Program! This is a cost-friendly program that […]

National Men’s Health Month

July 1, 2021

What is “Men’s Health Month?” June is National Men’s Health Month! If you weren’t already aware, this month brings awareness […]

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