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How Soon Can I Go Back to Work After Weight Loss Surgery

Calendar marks a return to work date for a patient after their weight loss surgery with Dr. Kevin Huguet in St. Pete, FL

One of the most common questions we are asked during a weight loss surgery consultation is “How soon can I go back to work?”

The time to go back to work largely depends on how active you are at work. For most patients, Dr. Huguet recommends at least a week or two weeks depending on how active you are at work. Patients that work from home sometimes go back in a few days but our recommendation, of course, is not to go back to any kind of work until you are no longer taking any type of narcotic pain medication.

If you have a very physical job and there is activity involved then you might need two weeks but for most of our patients (80-90% of our patients) go back within one week.

The amazing part is that you can get back to work in a few days or up to a week after surgery which is quicker than you may have thought.

For more information, we invite you to watch a complimentary weight loss surgery online webinar at your convenience and reach out to us to ask any additional questions or schedule a consultation visit.  We look forward to meeting you!