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How Weight Loss Surgery Has Changed My Life

Headshot of Retail Manager & Bariatric Marketing Director Hannah Ruxton with quote text that reads "I've been there and I've done it and now I'm happily talking to others about weight loss surgery."

I’m Hannah Ruxton, the Retail Manager & Bariatric Marketing Director at MIIS Weight Loss Institute in St. Petersburg Florida. I too was a bariatric patient seeking and undergoing weight loss surgery. I had a sleeve gastrectomy in 2019.  I started at 300 pounds and I’ve lost 150 pounds.  As a result, I can relate to what our patients are going through here at MIIS Weight Loss Institute as they prepare and undergo weight loss surgery. I understand the testing you have to have done, the nutrition visits, the fitness assessment, and the psych evaluation. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. I understand the ups and the downs you may go through during every stage of the process.

This tends to set us apart from other offices.  I advocate for you to get your surgery just as quickly as you desire.  Here, I will share with you how weight loss surgery has changed my life and what led me to choose weight loss surgery.

We all have our deciding factor that makes us ready for surgery and in my case, my family & I were vacationing in Florida at Universal Studios before moving here, and the bar on the ride wouldn’t go down and click. I was escorted off the ride, given some express passes and told to ‘have a good day’.  I had a breakdown at that point. I knew at that time that I needed to do something and so when we got back to Colorado, I booked a consultation for that next week.  I attended my initial seminar and started on my weight loss surgical journey. As I mentioned, we all have that one thing that happens that makes us ready. Maybe you have no energy and you’re sick of being tired all the time and you know that it’s time for surgery. Or, you’ve tried every diet in the books as I had or you’ve tried several different things and lost the weight but then gained it back and then some. That was me as well. But one thing tends to happen that makes us decide that we’re finally ready.

Surgery has really changed my life. I have more energy and can chase my son around and play with him. I’m also much more outgoing. You see prior to surgery, I just wanted to hide and be in the background.  Now, I happily talk to others about weight loss surgery.  This led me to become the patient advocate here at MIIS.  I speak with patients about starting their surgical journey and sharing a little bit of mine too as you go through the process.

I will be a resource for you throughout your weight loss journey. When you request your consultation, I’ll be in touch with you right away and we’ll get you scheduled. Through every step of the way, I am available via email or phone to answer any questions that you have and advocating for you to get to your pre-op appointment and a surgery date.

You can reach out to me to ask a question or schedule an appointment via our website. Weight loss surgery can truly change your life and improve your health.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

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