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Meet Shawna – Successful Weight Loss Surgery Patient

My name is Shawna and I had bariatric surgery in February of 2021 with Dr. Kevin Huguet at MIIS Weight Loss Institute. Prior to surgery, I’d always struggled with my weight. As I got older and had children, the weight just never seemed to come back off.  It became such a challenge. My youngest is 12.  At this point, you can’t say that it’s baby weight.

I’ve tried everything from exercise and joining gyms, I was even on a prescription diet from my primary care doctor. I did lose some weight prior to the surgery, but I found it always came back, usually within six to eight months. When it came back, I usually ended up weighing more than what I had prior to the diet.

So, after doing some research and talking to a family member, who had the surgery seven years ago with wonderful results, I decided to make it a serious consideration.  In my research, I found that Dr. Huguet had done many surgeries.  I talked to a few people that chose Dr. Huguet as their surgeon.  They had good success, so I decided to schedule a consultation with him. My husband came with me as he was a bit apprehensive about the surgery as well as concerns regarding anesthesia. Dr. Huguet put him at ease and answered all our questions. We talked about it and decided that now was the right time to do it.

After just 3 months, I have lost 43 pounds. What I notice the most since having the surgery is that my energy that has come back. I feel like a 25-year-old – and I’m not 25.  I feel like I can keep up with my son’s activities – and he does a lot of sports.  He’s very athletic. As moms, we’re the ones that cart them around and throw the bag in the car. I feel like I have energy to do that now without getting tired or feeling like I have to take a 30-minute break. I can easily throw my bag, the cooler and a chair on my shoulder and not even get winded.  Weight loss surgery has changed my life tremendously in a short period of time. It has changed how I eat and changed how my family eats. My family is very conscious of what is okay to eat. We have adjusted our eating habits.  It doesn’t mean that they’re on a diet, they’re just more cautious about what they are eating because of me cutting back and eating smaller portions. They’ve been very, very supportive.

Would I recommend the surgery? Absolutely!