One patient, Kimberly Walters, was recently featured on WFLA-8 for running in the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic.  She spoke with reporter David Espinosa Hall about her journey.  This is an excerpt from the news feature: 

“I had weight loss surgery in October of 2016 and the first seven months, I lost 80 pounds and it really picked up where that was the most I was going to lose. But it became maintaining,” Walters recalled.  Walters fell in love with running. The Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic is a way to keep her goals on track

“Gasparilla’s been awesome. I ran a 5k six or seven years ago and then last year I was injured,” Walters said.

She believes this physical evolution gives her a new perspective on life.

“I feel better inside about who I am which is really important to me,” she added.”

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