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Patient Testimonial – Maria Bataclan

MIIS Weight Loss Institute bariatric patient Maria B shares her weight loss surgery story in St Petersburg, FL

Hi, my name is Maria.   I am 56 years old and had gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr. Huguet over three years ago. I’ve lost 87 pounds since then, and I’ve kept it off.

Prior to the surgery, I had gained a lot of weight. I didn’t really have any physical problems, but I had been caring for my spouse, who’s a quadriplegic. I’ve been caring for him over 25 years. As I was getting heavier and also getting older, I was having difficulty.  My knees were starting to hurt with everyday things that I had to do.  In fact, even just walking up and down the stairs, was much more difficult for me.

I had tried so many different diet treatments, and I mean everything, for the past 30 years. I got to the point where I decided to talk to my primary care doctor about it.  She suggested that I look into bariatric surgery. So, after doing research and talking to several people, I decided to go with Dr. Huguet. I had a wonderful experience.

I think his plan is very sound.  By the time I had surgery, I felt fully prepared. After the surgery, it was very helpful to participate in the support groups. You’ll find your own way, but I really tried to utilize every single thing that they gave me – they provide a lot of tools. I use them and I encourage you to do the same should you decide that weight loss surgery is the right thing for you as well.  My commitment and use of the many tools Dr. Huguet and his team provide helped me take control.

How has my life changed since then? Oh my gosh, it is amazing! My husband is so proud of me. I mean, we have always been happily married, but it makes me feel better about myself. I love wearing the clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear.  I used to wake up in the morning and say when I go to work- ‘Is this just going make me look bigger?’ I don’t have to ever do that anymore. I just wear what I want.  I put it on and I feel so confident! More importantly, it is so much easier to move – I am doing yoga which I’d been wanting to do for 20 years. I also walk two to five miles every day.

Everything is so much easier without the pain in my knees and my joints.  Weight loss surgery has made me feel psychologically so much better.  I’m still me, I just feel so much better. I recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight!