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Hannah’s Top Meal Prepping Tips After Having Weight Loss Surgery

Healthy food prepped into portioned containers sets up a week of healthy eating according to our Retail Manager & Bariatric Marketing Director, Hannah, at MIIS Weight Loss Institute

My name is Hannah and as a successful weight loss surgery patient myself, I am often asked for easy meal prepping tips to help ensure long-term success.  I am happy to share them with you!

Since my surgery back in 2019, meal prepping has been a huge part of my everyday life. That is what has made me successful. Having my meals planned out for the day keeps me from wondering what I am going to eat (or eating the wrong things) throughout my busy day as a mom who also works full-time.

Here are some tips and tricks for meal prepping:

  1. Since I eat such small portions now, my dinner from the night before often becomes my lunch for the next day. Right there, that’s an easy meal that you don’t have to worry about. No need to make an additional meal, you can just take whatever leftovers you have.
  2. When it comes to breakfast, egg whites are always a great option. For myself, it works out to cook them at home and put them into my little plastic container, and have them when I get to work.
  3. Make sure that your containers are the right size. Many times, you may buy large plastic containers.  However, after weight loss surgery you don’t need those big containers. So, make sure to purchase smaller (2 ounces is ideal) containers that are measured out to our portion sizes. Stock up with plenty of small containers.
  4. When meal prepping for dinner, if you have a really busy lifestyle, prepping your vegetables and your fruits as well as chopping up your protein the night before makes it so much easier when you get home from work. You can start cooking right away without worrying about spending time prepping for that night’s dinner. This way you don’t get home and decide, “let’s just go out to dinner tonight, I don’t feel like doing it all.” If it’s already prepped and ready to go, you have no excuse.
  5. Use the little bento boxes that are available for your lunch & snacks if you work in an office or have a busy job. The bento boxes are perfectly sized and allow you to place your snacks in there too so that’s all ready to go for your day. Combining this with the 2-ounce plastic containers with lids I mentioned earlier is a great combination (especially right after surgery during your pureed or soft food stages). You can have all of these stacked in your refrigerator ready to go.
  6. One of my favorite kitchen tools (and a necessity after surgery) is a food scale. You’ll find that it comes in very handy when prepping the right portions for your meals.

I’m full of tips and tricks when it comes to meal prepping but those are a few that I use nearly every day to keep me on track and successful. At MIIS Weight Loss Institute, we also have a Pinterest page where I share recipes and meal-prepping tips.

So, check us out on Pinterest. I’d love to have you join us there and see what kinds of things I’m sharing. You’re welcome to contribute to the board as well!  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to me through our contact us page.

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