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Meet Hannah Ruxton – Bariatric Patient Advocate

Bariatric Patient Advocate Hannah Ruxton smiles for her feature story on her role at MIIS Weight Loss Institute
My name is Hannah and I’m the Bariatric Patient Advocate here at MIIS Weight Loss Institute. I am really blessed to work alongside Dr. Huguet, who does sleeve gastrectomy surgeries.  He has actually won the “Florida Top Docs” award for 2021 and numerous other times in the past. He is very compassionate with his patients. He doesn’t talk over their heads. That was actually a quote from one of our recent patients! She felt that he explained everything to her in a way that helped her understand the program and what she was going to be experiencing with weight loss surgery.

I have been here since 2020 and I’m excited to be here. My favorite part of my job is seeing patients for their initial consultation and then guiding and supporting them through the entire weight loss surgery program up to a year and beyond after surgery. Seeing their amazing transformation is really rewarding!

What makes us a bit unique is that I actually had the surgery back in 2019. I have lost a total of 150 pounds and have been through my own journey. I know what our patients are going through at all times. Many times, in your surgical journey, you’re around staff and professional personnel who haven’t had the surgery. They know about the surgery and are very experienced.  However, sometimes seeing everything from a patient’s perspective can be difficult. That’s where I come in, I understand what our patients are going through and I help customize our program to their needs.

It’s really rewarding and I love being here! We have a really fun team and everyone cares about our patients. They care about you and make sure that you are successful. Kelly, our Bariatric Nurse Practitioner, and I work closely together and she loves bringing me in for the celebrations when we see a patient who’s lost 100 pounds or even 50 pounds a few months after surgery.

You’ll feel the energy when you walk into the office. We’re very welcoming and look forward to seeing you for a consultation and walking you through your program.  For more information or to reach out to us with any questions.

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