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Katie’s Journey – How I Found My Weight Loss Surgeon

So, I was doing some research one day. We had just moved to Parish, Florida and I had asked on a generic Facebook group that I had joined. Hey, has anybody had surgery in the Tampa Bay area? I’m looking for a doctor and this heavenly person came out of the blue named Hannah and she messaged me and she goes, hey, I’d love to talk with you. I work for this great practice. I’d love to see if it would be a good fit for you and it was at that moment just talking with Hannah. I felt comfortable. I felt excited and I knew I had to get it to meet the doctor and meet Hannah and that how I was able to find doctor Huguet and his team hardest part for a patient to get to surgery is taking that first step is actually coming in to see the surgeon to talk about things and so I’m well aware that when the patient has their initial contact or visit with us, they’re always very nervous and apprehensive and that’s understandable. It’s a really big step and it’s gonna be a huge turning point in their life and so, I definitely like to keep that in mind and just try to talk to patients at their level and really break it down in a very easily understandable format so that they really don’t have a barrier in understanding what we’re trying to do for them. So, when I walked into the office for the very first time, I just felt at ease. I felt comfortable. I felt almost like it was natural like I had been here before. Everybody from the receptionist was super nice to my nurse when I went back to take my vitals, meeting Hannah for the first time, getting that self-assurance of you’re in the best hands, hearing her journey, and then, meeting Dr. Huguet, he just made me feel really comfortable, very supported in my journey. He wasn’t judgmental. He didn’t talk over my head and I just, I felt really comfortable like this is the place I was supposed to be.