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Katie’s Journey – My Many Weight Loss Surgery Jitters

So, I think anytime you’re going through a major medical procedure and you’re making this big decisions, whether you have kids or not, right? It’s something that goes through your mind is, am I gonna be okay? Am I gonna come out of this? Am I gonna wake up? So, all of those kind of preliminary thoughts are running through my head. Also, the fear of the unknown. What am I gonna feel like? Am I gonna feel different? Am I, my stomach gonna feel different? Am I gonna be in pain? I’ve had three C-sections. What’s that gonna translate into? So, it’s all of those different things that are going through my head right now is it’s the fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect. So, when I walked into the office for the very first time, I just felt at ease. I felt comfortable. I felt almost like it was natural like I had been here before. Everybody from the receptionist was super nice to my nurse when I went back to take my vitals, meeting Hannah for the first time, getting that self-assurance of you’re in the best hands, hearing her journey, and then meeting Dr. Huguet, he just made me feel really comfortable, very supported, in my journey. He wasn’t judgmental. He didn’t talk over my head and I just, I felt really comfortable like this is the place I was supposed to be.