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Katie’s Journey – Why I Decided to Have Weight Loss Surgery

I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia about 45 minutes outside the city. I’m an only child. Um, my mom was a single mom. We lived with my grandparents growing up. I wouldn’t have traded those memories for the world. Um, met my husband in 2006 in Georgia and we actually moved to Florida, got married in 2009. We have three beautiful children. Uh, they keep us very busy and we embrace the Florida life. We love the beach. The beach is our place. Uh, we love going out and exploring new things, the animals here, Busch Gardens, all of those kind of fun things. My kids love to go on bike rides. And I look forward to getting back on that bicycle. That’s another thing, right? Your kids enjoying doing bike. Come on, mom, let’s go ride bikes and mommy can’t. They don’t understand that, right And so, just really looking forward to being able  to do that with them and make new memories. Her contact with office was Hannah who is our patient advocate for bariatric patients and they formed a connection through the Facebook group and that’s how she found our practice and clearly remember our time together and our consultation ‘cuz her biggest concern was that she really wanted to be able to enjoy her kids and wanted to enjoy going on rides at the park with them. She wanted to be able to go on bike rides and do things like something as simple as roller coasters that often people take for granted and so, I found her story very compelling because you know, I really find it gratifying when somebody has a goal like that and that we can help them reach that goal.