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Katie’s Journey – Support After Weight Loss Surgery

Once you have your consultation, you really are gaining access to that support throughout your journey and then, you’re in that group forever. We keep you forever.  So, that’s what I always really, you know, make a point to letting our patients know is that after surgery, we’re here for life. If anything comes up or if you have any questions, that’s why following up is so important and so, by staying in that group, we’ve seen that patients really make it through the program. Whereas, before the group, you know, it’s easy for patients to kinda have one or two nutrition visits and they think that’s too much for me. Um once you’re in that group and it’s very interactive and we’re all kind of in there to it really pushes them to finish their program and get to surgery. Katie, her husband also was interested in bariatric surgery and it’s often, I will get either married couples or just couples that both suffer from obesity. So, I think it’s a great concept for both people in the household to have surgery. The reason is that you really have to change everything at home. You know, you can’t have one person who eats one way and then have all these foods in the house ‘cuz you really gotta change everything in the house if you really wanna go all in on this. So, so, I think it’s a generally a great idea if both members decide to do that and they did and her husband also had surgery and he’s a fantastic guy. Yeah. So, it’s, I think that they are a great couple, both good people. I think they’ll do fantastic. So, we have, I wanna say their monthly support groups that Dr. Huguet’s office runs, their Zoom calls, and my husband and I have popped on a couple of them. Usually with kids, it’s a little crazy but they’re great and they have people who are either just starting their journey, people that have gone through the procedure, supporting other people, and I think that’s really important too. So, you gotta find your tribe, whatever that is. Whether it’s your friends, your family, a combination of both, total strangers. There’s so many groups out on social media. Uh people you can follow on Instagram who are just sharing their journey and inspiring other people and that’s really what I hope that I’m able to do as well.