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Katie’s Journey – What It’s Like 3 Months After Weight Loss Surgery

So it’s been three and a half months a very fast 3 and 1/ 2months and I am down 76 pounds so happy the transformation has been amazing I mean not just the physical piece right I am I’m feeling better I have more energy I can run and keep up with my kids and not feel likeI’m gonna die gasping for air I take the stairs now and I actually enjoy it and I feel so much better I’m sleeping better obviously the appearance is drastic. I’m looking at pictures of myself and just from October, my face has changed so much and my clothes are fitting better. I’m refusing to buy clothes ‘cuz my body is changing so fast and the mental piece of it, I have so much more mental clarity. I’m thinking about everything that’s being put into my mouth, everything I put into my body which I wasn’t doing before and definitely fueling my body and giving my body what it needs now and I get it like I’m finally getting it. I look at it as a way to improve their overall health and get rid of all the illnesses that go with the obesity. Um and and another factor that people often talk about is depression that you get with obesity. And that’s another illness that it often goes hand in hand and as people lose weight psychologically their state improves as well and It’s also another component that people don’t often talk about but that goes away as well. And so as people lose weight, they kinda take off all the different medicines that they get rid of and how much healthier they feel. Yeah. So I know I shared with you guys when we first met that one of the pivotal moments, the crystallizing moments of I’ve gotta do something. I’ve gotta have the surgery is being at a theme park with my son and he wanted to ride this little roller coaster and I go up there and I couldn’t fit in the seat and the appointment that he had on his face and so, couple weeks ago, my family and I, we went to SeaWorld out in Orlando and my daughter now, who’s four and 1/ 2, wanted to ride this splash mountain type ride and I had this anxiety come over me of, I don’t wanna disappoint her but I had to try. I had to go through and as we were standing in line, I kept going through all these scenarios in my head, how am I gonna explain this to her? What am I gonna say to her or let’s go to the gift shop and I’ll buy you anything you want just  to make you happy. We get up to the right and I get in and I pull the lever down and I had this nervousness and the guy goes, oh, you’ve got plenty of room and pushed that and just went click, click, click, and there we go and we rode the ride. She was terrified and said, I never wanna do this ever again but I was able to do that and that’s a huge, what we call non-scale victory in NSV, right? A non-scale victory is I was able to do something like this with my child that I’ve never been able to do before.