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Katie’s Journey – The Pivotal Moment When I Knew I Had To Do Something

Surgery is something I thought about for about a year. I’ve watched friends go through it, watched their transformation, and it was really a pivotal moment. I was at Busch Gardens here in Tampa with my family. I have three children and my son wanted to ride this ride.  And I was all for it cuz dad doesn’t ride the rides and when I got in line, sat down, and I was too big and the disappointment on my son’s face scarred my heart forever and I knew that was the moment I had to make a change. Patients often have a misconception about bariatric surgery and they think that oh that’s just a way for patients like a way out and that’s not by any means what it is. And and then the other thing patients think oh well surgery is just for people that that wanna get that really thin body and that’s not it either. I was embarrassed myself where I had let myself go. I had let myself gain this weight in an unhealthy way and I knew to be a better mom, to be a better wife, to be a better friend, I needed to get healthy and I need to set a good example for my children and that’s really the pivotal moment that I realized, it’s now or never.